Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another New Water Series Painting

Ripples and Reflections
30 x 40 in.

Another new painting - I am definitely getting more time in the studio now! This one gives the feel of the kayak-level view over the water. It was one of those paintings that flowed easily as I worked - no struggle. Often the paintings I feel are most successful also have that ease in their creation.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wave Patterns

Wave Patterns III
24 x 74 in.

We have finally had some time to get out in the kayaks, and that has inspired my to work on one of my favourite themes. The patterns of waves always fascinates me, and. In this one I wanted to capture the luminosity that comes with sunny days on the water. I divided this horizontal format into a triptych (3 panels) - it helps to emphasize that this is "clipped out" from the immensity of the sea around it. Just imagine yourself sitting in a little boat, rocking in the rhythm of the waves as they flow by....